Knowing your way around Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer and automating code reviews

Sometimes in 2020, AWS launched a new service called Amazon CodeGuru.
CodeGuru has primarily two services: The CodeGuru Profiler and the CodeGuru Reviewer.

For this article, we would focus more on the CodeGuru Reviewer.

What is the Codeguru reviewer?

According to the AWS User Guide, Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that uses program analysis…


How to use Pulp python library as an optimization method to decide if dynamic pricing makes sense

This is a two-part case study where we define the optimization problem in part one, and we use the Pulp python library as a tool to solve the business problem in part two.


From the previous post, we were able to define the decision variables, objective function, and constraints. …

Articulating how others convey information through visualizations


Visualization is one of the cores of data analytics. It is one of my favourite part of analytics because it challenges your communication skills and is the most user-centric part of the analysis.

Even though my default programming language is python. It is not my favourite tools for visualization: Tableau…

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